What happens when a player hits a lot of balls corresponding to the double partner?

The understanding between double partners is not easy. In the case of recreational tennis, the people who play with friends on the weekends, and the amateur competitors they make certain failures. Sadly quite young competitive players could show the same failures. This is so important, so they can no release their best performance. These are failures that seriously harm the career of any athlete who want to become a professional tennis player or get a sports scholarship.  

These are negative mind-sets related to double game in tennis. They are included in the test I have been developing. One of those that most affect the double partner is named Ball Hoarder Mind-set. These are tennis players who want to return all balls.

There are players who fail in this mind-set when losing, when their partner makes a mistake, when they believe their partners are at lower levels, when they are disputing points that define the set or the game, or simply when they are in a bad mood. Others live with that mind-set permanently active.

Who do the affected tennis players feel?

Obviously they feel bad. They feel frustrated for not being allowed to hit their corresponding balls. But it goes beyond a simple frustration. Sometimes, the player prepares himself to hit the ball so hard and then feels unpleasant bodily sensations because the energy could not be released. In other cases, the player gets stressed when running and has to scream desperately to avoid the collision. It is desperation for fear of being hit, but also rage.

The affected player is also confused. He doesn’t know if the partner is going to stop letting him to hit the ball or is going to continue stealing it. The confusion increases the stress and also increases the rage. If the partner stops and the affected player who should hit the ball also do it, then claims come. “You asked for the ball, so why didn´t you strike it,” says the ball hoarder. “And what could I do if you stand on my way,” claims the affected person.  

A lot of interpersonal conflicts could be generated because of that. But the main danger is against the bodily integrity. Mostly when the player who fails in the Ball Hoarder Mind-set is unstoppable. These are cases in which the players when motivated by the rage persist in their intention to hit the ball even if knowing that the collision is coming. The affected player who should shot the ball has two options. He could return the ball and receive a heavy blow to the head. And he could stop while is running and let the partner to return the ball. Then he could say that he does not want to play whit this partner anymore.     

The player who fails in the Ball Hoarder Mind-set makes a mistake which could let him to lose a lot of points and matches. He also takes an unnecessary risk that could cost a blow to his head. He could loss his current double partner, even if he is the person needed to win competitions. The ball hoarder could also loss the double partners he has never have but he wants to have.  

The entire social environment looks what he is doing. “No, I do not want to have this player as a double partner!” a lot of players could think that. Parents can prevent their child from playing with him. Referees could exhibit negative bias against him. Coaches can stop teaching him to improve the serve or whatever he needs because they should focus on solving that problem which attacks the bodily integrity of other players. A failure like this when sustained for years, can stop the career of the tennis player.  

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